Hey friends! Did ya miss me? Or at the very least miss some sewing projects? (even though my sister is back and better than ever with some great skin posts)  I think life comes in waves, at least it does for me does it do that for you? I get in a motion where I have a great schedule and flow and sew something everyday and my kids get tons of new clothes, then I have a wave come through where everything gets super busy life moves at a hyper speed and my sewing machine? Well it collects dust. (well besides the occasional work on some new exciting patterns coming soon) Then in almost a perfect harmony the sweet and amazing Kelle from Ann Kelle contacts me and asks if I by any chance want to play with her new fabric line.  Ummm yes! I knew it was just what I needed to get back into sewing. How sweet is this flip flop fabric??? So perfect for summer.

 So I whipped up a quick and easy sundress/swim cover. It’s so quick and easy and with the swing back  with a single button it’s so easy to throw on over a swim suit or to wear as a sundress. (paired with a diaper cover, or shorts)

 Making one is super easy you need minimal pieces and only 3 measurements.
Chest (wrap the measuring tape around the chest just under the armpit) Multiply by 2, then add 2″ for overlap in the back. This will be the width of the rectangle piece.
Length from the underarm to as long as you want it. I took mine to the knee. Then since I wanted a band along the bottom I subtracted 3″ so I cut one rectangle the width of the first measurement and the length here, as well as a second band that is the same width and was 6″ (so folded it would be 3″) that is for the band.
Last measurement is from the underarm up over the shoulder to the other underarm this is the strap measurement. (more on that in a bit)

 Now to start things off hem the top edge of the rectangle by turning it under 1/4″ and again by 1/4″ then sew 10 rows of shirring (using elastic thread in the bobbin then stitch like normal, finish by steaming with an iron so they shrink up)

 Now for the shoulder straps. I made mine kind of “bow shape” Cut 4. (the length from armpit to armpit) Sew 2 right sides together along the sides. Then turn it right side out. Repeat so you have 2.

 Now the reason I made mine “bow shaped” was so I could pleat the bottom to add a little something to the straps. Sew the pleats at the top and bottom.

 Now to place the straps. Find the middle of the rectangle, then measure 2″ over and place one strap by sewing it in place. Then 2″ the other direction (from the middle) and place the other strap.

 Then fold the back so the back edges meet at the center middle point. Then mark the same placement as the front of the straps and sew the back of the straps. They will make loops like so…

 Then either hem the bottom or as I did, fold the band in half and sew it right sides together to the bottom of the rectangle. Then press it downward and topstitch in place.

 Now for the back edges You could just turn and hem but I like finishing them with bias tape. So I made some but cutting 2″ strips on the bias. Then you fold the strips in half and then fold the raw edges in toward the center fold. (it’s not shown folded here I did that as I sewed but it is easier to do first) Sew the bias right side to wrong side of the back edge fold up the bottom and top edge by 1/2″

 Then press the bias out flat and fold towards the front, which is re-folding the folds from the bias tape or folding the raw edge under and then folding it again toward the front. Then sew along the edge of the bias tape to secure. Repeat with the other back edge.

 Then add a button hole and button to the top back so that they overlap. Then you are done.

 That’s all there is too it. Quick and easy and for this girl on the go go go it may become a summer staple.

 The cute little swinging back keeps things cool and comfortable during the hot summer days. (hot is coming soon 🙂

The fantastic fabrics used for this sundress were provided to me from Kelle of Ann Kelle and I used:

From This to That || Garden
Remix || Summer