Let me start off by saying that I am not a professional when it comes to making jewelry, but I absolutely love doing it, its my way of de-stressing. Here is a cute and easy statement necklace you can make. It is a basic design that you can make long, short or in a variety of colors, so have fun with it!


  •  8/0 Seed Beads (1,650)
  • 6/0 Seed Beads (380)
  • Krazy Glue (or another super glue)
  • Small Scissors 
  • 0.25 mm Jewelry Cord
  • 5-6 inches strip of yarn or ribbon (2 strips)

*These are the supplies and amount of beads I used but you can use all the same size, depending on the length you may need to add a clasp for closure*

Step 1:
String the amount of beads on jewelry cord (see step 3 for amounts), tie the string of beads together to create a loop. 
Step 2:
This is where I use Krazy Glue to cheat a little. Squeeze a drop of glue onto the loops knot. I do this because I have had too many necklaces come undone because of my poor knotting skills. The glue will seal the knot and works amazing. Let dry and than cut off excess jewelry cord. (If the cord has a sharp edge you can use a nail file to buff it.)
Step 3:
Repeat to make all beaded loops. Gather completed loops for each group, I find it easier to use little dishes to place them in. Mark the length of each group and than arrange them in order you will use in necklace. 

The amount/group of beads I used are:
     8/0 Seed Beads

  • 2 loops of 35 beads   (1 each side)
  • 10 loops of 40 beads   (5 each side)
  • 4 loops of 45 beads   (2 each side)
  • loops of 50 beads   (4 each side)
  • loops of 55 beads   (2 each side)
  • loops of 60 beads   (3 each side)
    6/0 Seed Beads
  • loops of 40 beads  (1 each side)
  • loops of 45 beads   (1 each side)
  • loops of 50 beads   (1 each side)
  • loop of 55 beads   (center of necklace)
Step 4:
Take one loop from the first group,tie the strip of yarn/ribbon around the center of loop.
Step 5:
Fold loop with the yarn in half and insert the next loop through the first loop. (see photo for step 5)
Step 6:
 In order, continue folding and inserting loops through the previous loop creating a chain. 

Step 7:
Once you finished adding all the loops to the chain tie a piece of yarn closing the end of the open chain.

Step 8:
String 20 of the 8/0 seed beads on the jewelry cord and string through both end of the necklace chain (the loops with the yarn tied to them) tying both ends together.  Apply a drop of Krazy Glue to knot, let dry, trim off excess jewelry cord. Remove yarn and you are finished!
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