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Boys Blazer Pattern || Day 2

Boys Blazer Pattern || Day 2

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  1. vanessa

    I am so confused with the collar, at what point and how did you fuse both pieces that we cut and also at what point did you get the extra fabric for the fold over of the blazer where it meets the collar ..

    1. Shannon

      I just had pretty much the exact same question! Did you figure it out?

  2. trista

    Is it possible that one of the sleeve pattern pieces is backwards? I feel like I followed it to a tea, but really having a hard time fitting it together?

  3. jeremyandshelly

    OK, I have questions about the collar and lapel also. Anyone figure this out? HELP!

    1. jeremyandshelly

      I just wanted to update that I figured out the collar/lapel situation. When you cut out the lining, be sure and cut the front lining in the same as the main fabric. Also, the collar is added to the lining so that is when it’s fused. Hope that makes sense to anyone who is wondering! Thanks for sharing this awesome pattern… just have two more days . 😉

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