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So I was going to make this all one post but it was becoming a really long post so I am breaking it into two days and today I will share some tips on how to cut girls hair into a simple bob. I was fortunate and had a very patient 18 month old and a very patient and kind husband/photographer.  
I also just want to add that I do feel it is best to see a professional for all your haircutting needs. I do however realize a lot of people do this at home regardless and with the economy the way it is why not cut your kids hair at home anyway? It is easy it grows so fast that cutting it at home will save a lot of money and following some simple pointers can result in some great cuts. So let’s dive right in shall we?
My daughter has the problem a lot of little girls have. She grows a natural mullet.  Mullets are just not my thing so for some time now I have been giving her a little A-line bob until the front catches up.  The same tips can be used of any age to get an A line, or even just a bob that curls under. 
First wet the hair. I like to give the kids cuts right after a bath so the hair is clean and wet. If you spray it wet just make sure you get it all wet, dry patches will result in an uneven cut. Then comb it all down straight so it is free of tangles.
Then have them look down. I understand that it is hard to keep a child looking down. Having someone below them entertain them helps. Also I have put puppets on my kids feet for them to wiggle around and keep them entertained. Lastly candy works really well at keeping kids behave. Keeping their head down through the haircut will result in a better cut.
Then comb the hair up from the bottom and pinch it between your fingers so that you hold it out from the head as shown in the picture above. The higher you hold the hair up the higher the undercut or stack will be. Use your judgement.
Then while the hair is pulled out you will likely see that it is uneven. This is also the point where you would decide how much you want off. I am only giving a trim in this tutorial so I am just evening everything out. 
See how I just cut everything so it was straight across? For me this was trimming things up and removing the point. Even if you take of an inch or several inches you want it to be straight across and still held at the angle away from the head. 
Then comb the sides straight back and hold it up to the same angle as you did the back. Follow the straight line that you cut in back and cut the sides to match. 
Then I comb it all down straight again and along the bottom cut your angle checking for any stray hairs, and make sure it is angled how you like. Also trim away any stray hairs from the back. 
The last tip I will share is how to get it to stack for you in back. Comb the hair out from the head as shown in the picture above. Holding it at an angle downward with your fingers. You see how I have a little point in the middle there?
I am going to cut that off. Making sure that there is still an angle there. 
See how it is cut straight now? Do this the same way you did the first couple steps, including pulling the sides straight back.  
And there you have it dry it up and you have a cute little bob. Different hair types may behave differently some may require a round brush to curl under others may just curl under naturally, either way this cut will help.

So there you have it.  Simple pointers for a cute little bob. Any questions? Please ask away I will do my best to answer them for you. Tomorrow we will move on to blending boys cuts. In what became a today haircutting lesson.