Today’s dress was one of “those” dresses. You know the ones that just don’t really go as planned or at least how I saw it working out in my mind. So It was re-worked 3 times, then She wore it for a night (spilled ketchup on it) and this morning when I pulled it out to take pictures of her in it I scrapped it instead. You know those moments. I liked the bottom of the dress so I kept that and I made a new design for the top. Now I really love it! So this dress fits two needs for me. One it is casual and two it is perfect for the warmer weather (or really hot houses) I don’t know about where you are but we are having unseasonably warm weather, and having grown up in Minnesota I desperately miss the snow, and the cold. (yeah I am one of those) I don’t like seeing dead grass and bare trees without snow, and I love bundling up, wearing cozy sweaters and scarfs, and mittens the whole bit. Anyway back to the dress…
To make this dress you will need to make a bodice. This particular one I just did free hand, since I new my daughters measurements but you can use a shirt for guidelines. The front piece should dip down more than the back piece at the neck but since you are making it you can make the neckline how you wish. I used a jersey knit so it would be stretchy and comfy but other fabrics would do fine. (it’s what I had on hand) Cut 2 back pieces and 2 front pieces. 

Then for the skirt I used the fabric left over from my tree skirt which just goes to show you can use any fabric for the skirt. This was red and so for me it was perfect. Fold your fabric line your bodice piece also on the fold up with the top then cut it at an angle so the top of the skirt piece should be the same width as the bodice piece and the bottom should be double that (more or less to your liking. Cut 2 (a front and back) Oh the length? That all depends on how long you want the dress to be.
Now with my kids they have pretty big heads, so I always have to make an opening that allows for their head to get through but then still make the neck fit. I thought I would make this one asymmetric so off to one side I cut a diagonal slit about 2 1/2 inches down I cut this through both back pieces. For the sewing start by sewing the front and back bodice pieces together at the shoulder. (do this for both the main bodice piece and the lining. 

Then using 1/8 inch elastic make a little loop.

You are going to pin right sides together of your two bodice pieces but put the loop so the loop side is on the inside at the top of the slit you made (where the pin is in the picture) 

Then you will sew around the neckline and turn the piece right side out. Top stitch if you like.

Now for the sleeves. I thought about making this a tank dress, and then I could layer under it, but I didn’t really want to have to layer so I added a sleeve that would look like I layered it instead. I cut out a simple sleeve shape out of white jersey knit, hemmed the edge, and sewed it so it formed a tube.

Then with right sides together I added the sleeves to the bodice. 

Then sew right sides together along the side seams of the skirt part. Then with right sides together sew the skirt to the bodice. Hem the bottom. 

Lastly for some pops of green I added a green button for the back closure. (hence the elastic loop)

Then I added red silk flower (tutorial here) and in the center I put a green wool fabric covered button) 

Done! It is simple, comfy and casual while being very festive.

I love the pop of color in back as well.
Worn over some jeans and you have a completely casual holly jolly look, add some tights and you have a dressed up look! 
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Project Runway top 15 post tomorrow!