I saw this shirt at the GAP here Lovely right? Hmm I fell in love with the concept, and even though 30 bucks isn’t horrible, I knew I could make it for much less and then my daughter would be wearing my own “art” and not the GAP art. As a bonus I could customize it the way I want it. So I broke the “how to” into two days since making the fabric takes time and then it has to dry and what not. SO today we will make the fabric and tomorrow the shirt…

I picked up 3 fabric markers at the craft store. I used red black and silver, but you can use what you like.
For my fabric I picked up a light weight cotton in white. (it was cheap and I had a coupon so it cost me less than 2 bucks! Score)

Now I am NOT and artist, my sister got that gene. My drawings are pretty lame stick figures even… However, a graffiti type rose does not have to be perfect and I thought I could take it on. So don’t be afraid practice on some paper and I am sure you will make some beautiful roses. Here is how I make a rose. Start with a circle. (sort of a circle the rougher the better I say)

Then add a petal shape.

And another petal shape

And a third petal shape. They don’t have to be perfect or even.

Then add three larger petals that overlap the first three.

Continue adding petal shapes that overlap until you have the size that you want.

Then I took the grey and added a little scribble in the petals to add the “messy” effect.

Continue drawing roses however you like around the fabric. As you can see each one of mine is a little different, I don’t think this has to be perfect, or identical, just have fun with it.

Then I sprinkled in a few red roses… you know as if she painted a few red…

Here is the piece of fabric when I was done. Lovely roses scattered about…

So have some fun creating your own print tomorrow we will make a lovely shirt!