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The Pleated Penny {PDF pattern&tutorial}

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  1. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    this is adorable Shauna. And very generous to offer it in all sizes, I know how long it takes to grade – so I am so impressed!

  2. {IrisM}

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  3. {IrisM}

    Great Job I love it!<br /><br />Iris – The married life<br />

  4. Jenni

    This is adorable! You are very generous, Shauna. Can&#39;t wait to try this one out. 🙂

  5. Niki

    Thank you for offering this pattern. It is absolutely adorable. I can not wait to try it out.

  6. Shannon

    I love this little top! I think it will look fantastic on my big girls. I&#39;m gonna work on grading it up to a size 10. Thank you for sharing!

  7. SaraJ

    Love it. WIll definitely have a go at sewing it!!

  8. Elisabetta

    thank you SO MUCH! I definitely would try to sew this for my little girl Anna, she&#39;s two now.<br />the only thing is that I now don&#39;t have a printer with me (and nice fabrics too) so at the moment I don&#39;t know when I&#39;ll be able to make one

  9. La Pantigana

    Muchísimas gracias por el patrón y las instrucciones.<br />

  10. mrsthomas11

    love it I may just have to make it and send it to my kids in Missouri and not wait till they get home it&#39;s just too cute. <br /><br /><br />

  11. iram

    oh wow ,you are sooooo generous thank you so much !

  12. Trish

    Thanks so much! This is adorable. I kind of want one for myself!

  13. Jo

    I had a go at this and really like the finished thing… though I did change the shoulder straps a bit. I have blogged about it at

  14. Alyssa

    I love the pleats, I will be making one for my B. Thank you!!

  15. Jenni

    I just finished mine! Now I want to wake up my daughter to take pics of her in it… guess I&#39;ll have to wait until tomorrow. 🙂 I&#39;ll be sure to send them to you. Thank you so much!

  16. Amanda

    I finished this shirt last night (except for buttons–didn&#39;t have the perfect buttons in my stash) and I love it! I can&#39;t wait for my niece to try it on!

  17. Carla's Inspirations

    I can&#39;t wait to make this. I look forward to giving you some feed back on it.

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