It’s KCWC!! Whoop whoop! Are you sewing along? Naturally I love sewing for my kids, so any excuse to devote a week to sewing for them, yes please. (I don’t usually need an excuse but with this pregnancy a little kick in the butt is a good thing) You see the kids need clothes that fit them, because they keep growing. Darn them. I went back to a favorite to start things off. The Sadie Tunic Pattern. It has always been one of my favorite Tunics in Abbey’s closet and I new she was in need of a new one.

 Only this time I had some fun with color blocking this go around.(and I skipped the pockets) Color blocking is a lot fun to do and offers a great bold pop of style. You can add color blocking to any pattern really, I love the look of color blocking on a pattern that has simple clean lines. So how do you color block? Simple. Cut up the pattern how you want the different colors.

You can find the Sadie Tunic Pattern HERE (sizes 2-10)

 1. Cut out the pieces using the cut up pattern. Be sure to add seam allowance along the lines you cut since you will be sewing the pieces back together. I cut a curved piece out of the side of the tunic pattern and then I cut two strips off the bottom.
2. Sew the pieces all back together to create the whole pattern piece again. Sewing a curved edge can be a little tricky but if you start at one end and work to the other matching up the raw ends it sews really nicely.
3. Then I top stitch all the sewn seams so they lay nice and flat and smooth.
4. For this one I also added a large heart in the center. I cut out a heart and I added fusible interfacing to the back. Then I did a satin stitch (tight zig zag) around the border of the heart.
5. The only other change I made since I only had 4 buttons instead of 6 I put 2 on each shoulder and then I stitched the end of the button flap down.
6. Thats all there is to it. A whole new Sadie Tunic.

 I love the fun bold look of the color blocking. Which beings a little “high style” in a kid friendly way.

Abbey loved the top, especially since we made a little “Hello Kitty” bow to match. The girl goes ga ga over Hello Kitty.