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DIY Onsie Dress {tutorial}

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  1. Sylvie

    She is SO darling! 🙂

  2. Emma Rae

    Love her outfit! did you make the leggings as well? and embellish plain socks?<br />Emily

    1. Shauna@shwinandshwin

      The leggings are from carters they came in an outfit set. The socks would be an easy DIY but they are Trumpette socks, a cute little gift from a friend.

  3. kate

    Great idea Shauna! And I love seeing baby pics, she&#39;s so alert!

  4. Brittney

    The onesie dress is cute, to be sure, but your little Penny has the face of an angel. LOVE newborns taking in the world around them!!<br />-Brittney<br />

  5. Delia

    Very pretty! The shoes are adorable as well. I am amazed by you!

  6. Max of Max California ★

    Oh I love this little skinny newborn age ^_^ soooo cute &lt;3 I love that last picture where it looks like she is holding her dress :B<br /><br />I love this tute!

  7. Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    Penny is on the blog!!! With her own tutorial photo shoot!!! YEAH!!! Cutest baby (and dress) ever :). Love her!

  8. Simple Simon & Co

    Super cute—and those are socks??? <br />Newborns are wonderful.<br />liZ

  9. JenW

    Love this tutorial! Penny is adorable!! Did you make or buy her headband??

  10. Kimberly from 'bugaboo'

    I love this idea! I&#39;m hoping I can duplicate it when the time comes!

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  12. Lucy Conklin

    The dress & your baby are adorable! I’m a beginner at sewing, so please bear with me-how do you get 2 bodices out of one onesie? I just don’t see it!


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