About 13 years ago I made my very first quilt. I was expecting my first child and although I hadn’t sewn for a few years I really wanted to make a quilt. It was an interesting experience. I had limited skills and limited experience. At the time I thought all quilts had to basically just be squares or triangles sewn together. 8 years ago I shared my first quilt on this blog. It was squares sewn together, and I quickly admited I was NOT a quilter. As the years went on I found a different approach to quilting. Making art with fabric. Some were done as an applique, some paper pieced, some squares sewn together. Either way I have shared over 20 patterns (and made about 30 quilts) over the past 8 years. I linked to them all here so they are easy to find. (many are even FREE)

Paper Pieced Patterns

Applique Patterns

You can now see a video showing how I do my freezer paper appliques

Other Quilt Patterns